Sunday, April 02, 2006

Who's Da

the Woman?

It's one of those accomplishments that makes a person run up the stairs and fling her arms up into the air and the crowd goes wild and throw her head back as the camera pans from every direction.

~ I am the queen of the world ~


I got the bicycle into that leeeetle teeeny case.

This is what I'll be rollin' through the airport:

I hate to jinx anything by saying it, but I am so excited to finally be free of the massive travel case and free of FedEx. This even has a pull handle and wheels. Checks as regular luggage.

And ALL I had to do was saw my bike in half!

I was really fine with the coupled frame until I actually separated it and stepped away from the bicycle stand with half a rig in my hands. I looked at my hands. I looked at the amputee still hanging there in the stand ohmyGodwhathaveIdone and did an uncontrollable eye-roll and prayer to the Almighty. Seriously, I know it's fine -- I wouldn't have had it done if I hadn't done some research -- but it's still disconcerting.

Until the puzzle challenge begins. The first time any bicycle goes into any case it requires some unique finangling. It'll be a breeze the next time around!

Thanks to KM for the heads up regarding the TSA -- he suggested step-by-step photos inside the case along with my cell phone number on the odd chance they open the case and don't know how to get things back into place -- and to Pab for the you can do it on the crank arms.

- The Bag's sayin' whew


Trée said...

Have a great time Bag.

Shawn Kielty said...

wow -- that is mighty special. Have fun!

Jen said...

wow, you're amazing! all hail the queen of the world!!!!!! i love you!

George said...

The last time I made a bike go in two peices, I rode it through my neighbor's picket fence.

Your system looks like it will work better them mine:-)

PAB said...

ooh, I got airtime on your blog!


have a great trip.

Where are you going again??

Ruby said...

Good lookin'

the old bag said...

All y'all -- thanks for checkin' in!

gwadzilla said...

that is a great little package
I wish I had a bike that separated for travel

I wish I traveled

must be nice not having to pay fifty bucks each way for something that they will not insure