Friday, March 31, 2006


less Sick...not so Crabby...still Tired

Took a half-day at home yesterday, combined with a full day off Tues. There are times I wish I had a desk job instead of one that requires me to be chipper and on every time I go in.

It's the booger zone. Besides teaching kids about reedin' and ritin' we also work with them on what to do with their hands, fingers and bodily exhalations.

They share, they do. They share their excitement and pain. Any confusion is obvious. Their AH-HAs are bigger than the Mississippi. They share everything.

I've got their latest offering.

Unfortunately, they'll love you to death...or the to flu, or to strep throat, or to the plain-old-crud. It's why we have a vacation every now and again -- vacations are the neutral zone. We all go there to regroup and after a few days we're ready to come back and face the love again.

My 10-day neutral zone starts today at 3:30 just eight six three one small hours away....

- TOB is feelin' well-loved these days


shannon said...

ahh, the pleasures of the human petri dish: children. Me, I'm looking forward to having my relatively uninterrupted stretch of good health regularly interrupted by a little one w/boogers. (okay, so it's one of the things I'm not looking forward to, but I am looking forward to the rest..I think)

have a good time in the neutral zone, OB. --S.

the old bag said...

Having one's own human petri dish is far superior to having 26 petri dishes of questionable origin :-]