Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now THIS Hurts

six days without it
my evening calm
can’t relax and catch up
the morning wakeup
running through my veins like caffeine
don’t know what’s up in Alaska
in California
in Iowa
in SD
vacationing with all the time in the world
inhospitable land isn’t desert Arizona
it’s AOL’s limited dialup on Windows 98

- TO *sigh* B


Trée said...

I feel your pain. All is well here. The story is moving on at a rather fast pace. Kyra and Papa and Kyra and Kieran. Things are coming to a head. Oh, and the sun is out and it feels like spring. What else do you want to know? :-D

Have a great time and takes lots of pics. Enjoy the land of the sun.

X Bunny said...

not in california
we have had 6.5 inches of rain in 24 hours and severe thunderstorm warnings for all afternoon

might be an interesting sea otter weekend...

it's good to clear your body of its addictions from time to time...

i recommend extra chocolate

Jen said...

awww thanks jeanne :-)
i talked to a student at the U and it cleared up alot of my anxieties about going there, so it's more of a possibility now....hmmm we'll see!

Shawn Kielty said...

It's still nice in AZ -- but you *know* that. There's a rumor it may rain tho. Just remember -- no prediction of rain is good unless it's actually raining.

todd said...

It's raining here. Possibly snow tomorrow.

But you probably won't hear about that until it's over.

Tim said...

"Dial up on Windows 98"

Those are some of the most frightening words I've ever read.

In my pre-iBook days, I once visited my mother and tried to check e-mail on her dial-up connection using her ancient Windows machine.

After one day, I started jumping in the rental car and driving to the local library to use its computers. Life's too short for Windows, TOB.

Soak up those sunny rides, though!

George said...

A friend of mine has dial up and I let him come over to check his mail while his computer was in the shop getting fixed.

He almost crapped his trousers when he saw how fast broadband is.

I'm pretty sure he went home and had an argument with his wife about spending the extra money a month to get it.

Life without broadband?

I'd kill myself:-)

Life with WIN 98 *and* dial-up? That's worse then.....wait, there isn't much of anything worse then that.

the old bag said...

Trée -- thanks for the update. Glad to hear you've got sun and not tornadoes.

X Bunny -- I think we got some of that weather today: a few drips and high winds. Made for an interesting ride.

Jen -- best recital ever! Glad to hear you're still thinking about the U.

Shawn -- hot yesterday. Tights and arm warmers today!

Todd -- snow this time of year just isn't right.

Tim -- with you all the way on the life's too short for Windows. Sure miss my mac!

Not sure I'll make it to North Mtn. but I'm getting some sun and warmth here.

George -- at least the dialup is unlimited now. Sitting and waiting I can do...they've got some sort of accelerator card. It's not horrible.

Shawn Kielty said...

Today's riding was superbly good ... despite the legwarmers and all.

Shawn Kielty said...

I forgot to mention the wind ... despite the wind.

gwadzilla said...

just like time away from the bike
the time away
makes us appreciate the time on

that said

I hate going cold turkey
just not the same typing into Word

the old bag said...

Shawn -- the wind, the rain, and the 60-degree temps. This is Phoenix!

Gwadz -- that it does...a break is always good now and again.

Brandon said...

I here ya there TOB Whats new here I don't have to have surgery!!! But then went out and slipped on thursday and ended up spraining my left ankle, yes on the broken leg so I am layed up on the couch regardless can't bare weight and the biggest Crit of the year is on Sunday!! I guess I will just have to stay home and watch the Paris-Roubiax on OLN..... Go to the library I have even resorted to checking my email on my phone when I and away from the fix for to long!!! LOL Thanks for your words of encouragement!!

the old bag said...

Brandon -- no! What a bummer! I was glad to hear surgery isn't needed, but so sorry to hear about the sprained ankle!