Monday, March 26, 2007






of course!

- sometimes TOB just needs to stop the merry-go-round and get off

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Five Things

George tagged a few of us for this current meme: Five Things.

Five things....

...big couple of words,


But, he didn't say Five WHAT-KIND-OF Things.
  • Five Things I'd talk to my mother about if she were alive
  • Five Things that I'd trade to make it as a writer
  • Five Things I'd start up if I were into startups...if educational startups paid the rent
  • Five Things I'd love to paint and no, not with Glidden
  • Five Things I'd undertake if I had infinite patience and big lottery winnings
A bit later in his post he did say: before pushing up daisies. I suppose. Like Ptelea, my thoughts change with the season and again with the year SO on this day, within my current state of mind, Five Things I'd like to do Before I Die are:

1. Bicycle, hike or rail through whatever country has cheap airfare at the time.

2. Retire and have enough healthy years to enjoy doing whatever it is that I do.

3. Live in a small house, on a small lot, drive a beater car and have just enough stuff to make living enjoyable...wait... that sounds familiar somehow.

4. Make a living off my avocation...whatever that may be.

5. Own a kitchen that doesn't date from 1948.

Simple, attainable...everything else is frosting.

- tob with sprinkles

Consider yourself tagged if you care to join in: Matt, Emma, Snakebite, Sue, and the kids over at Facility

Monday, March 12, 2007

Out from the Cave

Francine has always been somewhat tied to the natural rhythms of things. When winter starts rolling in she feels some primal need to begin preparing for hibernation, even though she's well aware that she'll have to be out and about on a fairly regular basis. Like all of us she slows down a bit, sleeps more...which wouldn't be such a bad thing if she'd keep her exercise rate up, but darn-it, she gets a little lax.

It starts in the fall. Temps start dropping, crud appears on the shoulders and the next thing I know those slim treads she's maintained all season get a little soft...and a little knobbly. She claims it allows her to stay upright better, but I think she's making excuses for the extra weight.

And in November when we got that rain, a little snow, and lots of warm (for our season, anyway) temperatures? Well, the big floppy rain gear came out. I told her Girlfriend, it makes you look dowdy. Show that great frame of yours! But she claimed utility, didn't want all that damned wet crud splashing onto everything, didn't care whether or not people thought she was fashion-conscious.

I granted her that rain gear doesn't look all that spiffy, but it sure does keep me dry. And, she's right. Who cares about cute? We're both beyond that.

Yes we are.

So December and January. The months of the freeze-n-thaw and the frozen slush. December took away our streets and replaced them with ice rinks. January added some wet snow. Franci decided she'd go one better than Sorels. Crampons, man. You know, she was able to pull off the look. It worked. But damn, all that stuff is heavy. Slowed her down. OK, so cute doesn't matter, but the weight...your weight. She happily clomped-along, content to be out on the crisp days but I was concerned.

In February she slogged-out, stayed in, told me to head out on the skis if I really needed someone to go out with, I-need-my-beauty-sleep-go-'way. It was sub-zero some days. I skied when I could, ran when I had to, and hopped on the trainer in the basement a few times.

Finally, March temps started inching back toward the 50s. Francine stepped out squinting in the bright sun, but was more than ready to go. Wait! I need to get these damned CLODHOPPERS off first....

It felt like we were flying.

- B we both have a bit more energy these days

Thursday, March 08, 2007


riding the thin line

of decisions made for my future

docile when they were made

now they hit back

pinch and slap with undue authority

when the wheel bobbles

- tob tired of riding the straight and narrow

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Detached Minnesota....

So, how important is composting, really?

We build garages and fences during the summer.

- OB er duh

Thursday, March 01, 2007


He did the whole block...for the second time in less than a week -- 10" last weekend, another 10" today....

- The Old Bag it's supposed to stop on Saturday