Monday, April 17, 2006

Note to Others

an addendum

ya know
ya put on yer kit
you once-over yer look
mebee ya turn back
look over yer shoulder
into the mirror
check over yer arse
spite o' contortions
it's not the same view
one gets from behind you
when yer bent over riding


depend on yer buds
to give ya the skinny
soon as they notice
'cuz you'd ride at the back
from the start of the ride
if'n ya knew you were showin'
so's not moon the whole pack


later they tell ya
sure I could see it
but it was so early
the ride hadn't started
I figured ya couldn't
do anything 'bout it
I chose to say nothing
preserve your feelin's....

- the horror hit TOB while she was pullin' the clothes outta the bag


Tim said...

Hey, look at the bright side. Maybe everyone just thought you had a nice butt and decided to just go with the flow!

(OK, maybe most people wouldn't do that, but that's what I would have done.)

Groove Talking... said...

Oh My! I will have to remember to have my hubby bend over for me before he heads out the door on his bike. Although he may never get out the door if he did that!

George said...

I've had the plumber's crack thing happen before.

Your butt must be better looking then mine because my buddies tell me about it right away:-)

C. P. said...

Years ago, mid-race, I was passed by a fella who complimented (or so I thought), "Nice a$$!"

Moments later came the same comment from a different racer. It wasn't 'til I'd finished and peeled off my kit that I realized a good chunk of my derriere had been exposed through the deteriorating lycra...

Of course, I'd like to think I was a little more humble about it than this guy:

budda43 said...

I can safely say that if my cheeks were a'flailin' - people would stop in their tracks to vomit and I would know right away.

You must have somethin' going for ya.


X Bunny said...

i let pab warm-up for a race in shorts that were threadbare in the rear once

he didn't know it and had no other shorts

his teammates were on their way from the hotel with his clothing bag that he forgot

when they got there shortly before the race and saw him, one of them proclaimed in disgust:
"for heaven's sakes, pab, there are children walking up and down this street!"

i only regret not taking a picture

PAB said...

me = exhibitionist