Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Naked, Naked, Naked

The main drag through Sun City Grand, AZ, is lined with these barkless trees muscle striations and tendons and knees and wrinkles in the bendy places....

- TOB couldn't ride down this street without turning red


Jen said...

hey, i got a 100% on my poetry project! and it wasn't even perfect! yesss

i love reading your poetry on here.

Anonymous said...

They are called Palo Verde trees, and the tree itself is green because it actually photosynthesizes.

Ptelea said...


Love your viewpoint: visually and verbally! Thanks for all of photos from your trip. I love visiting the desert but am glad not to live there.

the old bag said...

Jen -- congrats!

Anon -- That's the name. I couldn't remember. Interesting fact!

Ptelea -- thanks. I agree. I love the desert, but I love coming home.