Friday, August 21, 2009

Leaving, it's Like

You know when you have a great place to work and the work itself has its ups and downs but there's a crowd of reeeally good people who are reeeeally good at what they do and you get paid to do a job that basically you designed that gives you a lot of freedom and you mostly have a ball with it and you think you're set because who would ever leave a place like that?

You know?

And you know how then someone puts a bug in your ear about a different job in a different place because he knows how you like to shake up your work every few years but you really don't consider it because why-the-heck would you take a different job at a different place since you love where you are but then it turns out you know yourself well enough to think about it?

And you know how then you go back to ask more questions?

And you know how you decide to just let it all go but two months later the job still hasn't filled and you call out of curiosity and the guy is so glad you called because the applicant pool just doesn't have zing and he lays out all these cool things that trip your triggers and says it would be so great if you'd think about it and then suddenly while you're drinking your morning coffee two days later you realize the whole thing is right up your alley after all?

And then you know how when you announce to all these reeeeally great people in your reeeeally great place that you're leaving them and they all write you wonderful emails and they stop by to say how they gasped at the news but that they know you well enough to understand and you get all weepy because they're so encouraging and yet they hate to see you go and then you wonder what the hell you just did?

And you know how it makes you wonder if you really thought this thing through?

But then when you have a little space you know it's the right decision?

It's like that.

-OB the good-bye thing is waaay overrated

OK, so to be honest there was also this one thing that weighed into the decision

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

it's like the night before a race
checking the bags to make sure everything is there
and looking through the closet to be sure about what stays
it's preparation
knowing strengths
being aware of weaknesses but knowing how to shield them
it's familiarity with tactics
it's the coach who recognizes
the soigneurs who know
but it's a brand new course
it's jumping the field
and teammates who sacrifice
and fans who believe

- tOB making a move

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

But Not the Wheels

but not on the bicycle
riding miles
but not down the road
eyeing the opening
but not from within the pack
struggling to finish
but not the race

- Osometimes it's hardB

Monday, August 10, 2009


in a kayak

traversing the Chain of Lakes

passing through the tunnel

between Lake Calhoun and Isles

he looked down at me

I sure like what you're doin, says he

Great day for being on the lake, says I

I'm lookin' for a wife if you're interested, says he

Already taken! says I

- TheOldBag old guy just standing there watching the paddlers pass by....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009