Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What Needs Catchin’

Like the X Bunny said, sometimes it's good to purge the body of its addictions from time to time extra chocolate recommended three days ought to be enough, ought'n it?

While my elderly aunt and uncle don't exactly know what blogging is, they do understand the concept of writing and reading online, and that my body is used to a time zone that has me up at 4:30 AZ time twiddlin' my fingers in the dark.

Finished my book.

I heard coyotes.

Was that the newspaper guy?

Because they don't spend all their time in Phoenix, they've subscribed to a three-hours-a-month plan three hours! My last post was done with all the planning I could muster: write ahead in Word…copy…okNOWhitAOLlogintobloggernewpostPASTEouttathere!

I looked at the clock: it took me ten precious minutes to do that along with a check of one email account where I dashed off three quick misspelled replies.

Shirley called AOL to see about the charge for a month of unlimited internet access costs vs. hourly and how it would all shake out in the wash if I could estimate the time I'd spend online.
Ya know, I’m happy to pay the $20 for unlimited. This way you’ll have time to research that illness you’re wondering about and none of us will have to keep track of minutes. And at 4:30 AM I can catch up with the things that need catchin’.
So, I can live with dialup that’s unlimited…but the IE 5.5? Outta here.

- The Bag did get a kick out of hearing a modem again


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

geek speak from a scribblin' pedaler.

sooo sexy.

Jill said...

Holy cow! I new dial-up still existed but limited dialup? You have my condolances.

gwadzilla said...

thanks for commenting
as I was just thinking about you

have you considered one of those wireless cards

gwadzilla said...

who is watching the cats?

the old bag said...

oV -- how's this fer sexy




RSS feed

Jill -- it's not TOO slow, considering. Man, the first couple of days were tough!

Gwadz -- thanks for stopping by. The cats are visited for an hour a day...I miss their fuzzy faces!

Ptelea said...

I recently attended a mini family reunion with my dad and his two sisters and their spouses. All +/- 80 years old. It was a hoot - will blog on it soon. Great writing here - love the description of the time spent waiting for others to get up!

the old bag said...

Ptelea! -- you're still here! Good to hear from you. Looking forward to reading about the reunion!

Jen!!! said...

you should check your email! or my blog!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I don't think I could handle dial-up AND Internet Exploder 5.5, but then again, I'm a Linux/Firefox/Broadband user!