Monday, January 29, 2007

250 Words or Less....

ask me


I even

(if'n you want
I should wax poetic
frame size)

but summarize?

- TOB this is grad school here, I want to THINK!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm in Truckee??

I buzz through my blog stats every now and again out of curiosity -- I have fun with the search terms readers have used to stumble across TOB...I get some surprises now and again: naked old gray woman, what lube do women prefer, and most recently massive cleavage.

I scroll through the visitor paths sometimes just to see where people come from. Recently I noticed a new, and fairly regular, visitor from Truckee, CA... least until I saw this result:Far as I know, the only one publishing to TOB would be me. I realized a couple of things:
  1. I forgot to set a blocking cookie on the new laptop so my own visits were counting
  2. My old cable provider's buy-out now means my computer gets to go to California without me sure hope it's having fun
Last time I was in Truckee, downhill skiing and OB's Pub were part of the trip.

- OB not the pub

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life Gets Busy Sometimes

As most of you know, I work in an elementary school. I've been in various classrooms at various schools for years that number in the teens (15? 17?), I've taught computers and technology for 7 more on top of those, and I've had a couple years of two half-jobs combined to make one full-time one. I've worked with kids and I've also worked with the adults who teach them. Bottom line: I've been doing what I do for well over 20 years I even left it once and came back.

Just like I can't be one type of bicycle-rider, I'm also not one to sit in one job. Six years. That's about my max, then I need a change. I like education, mind you. I like the little goobers. I like professional development and working with staff. In the world that is elementary education, I've been lucky enough to find the job changes that keep my brain challenged.

Next up: Old Lady School Librarian.

In our building, the time is ripe. Our current OLSL retires this June. The program is dying for an overhaul. I can't wait. It's what I do. I start this summer.

But between now and then I'm looking down the barrel of licensure. 7 semester credits between now and mid-May...three classes spanning two of my precious evenings (not to mention the time needed to get assignments done). More classes this summer and fall, then I get the piece of paper that says I'm licensed to do what I've already been doing part time for two years what, like people steeped in education can't possibly know how to teach themselves while on the job next to people in-the-know?

The first three classes?
  • Peter Pan Collars and Glasses on a String: How to Dress the Part
  • Leers, Glances and Pursed Lips: Getting Kids to Cower without using Words
  • We Can't Afford That: Making Dollars Disappear without Buying any New Materials
I can't wait!

Actually the programs these days aren't called Library Science anymore. It's Information Media -- a mixture of books and computers...everything from instructional design to digital video to literature to kids and research. Luckily I've got some of the work under my belt from past certificates..but at 45 I can think of plenty of good things to do in my off-hours besides sit in a square room with desks.

I do that all day!

- Old Librarian Bag

By the way, I sure hope you're not just stopping by TOB in any old random fashion...while it doesn't bother me, you may get tired of reading the same old post for days on end until I get a new one up -- try an RSS feed!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


It must be winter, I'm posting recipes....
'times you want a quick meal:

You Need:
green pepper
corn tortillas
solid white tuna or other cooked meat
Bufalo yup, it's spelled right Chipotle Hot Sauce
sour cream-n-guac

Saute peppers and onions in a slight bit-o oil, remove from pan. Drop cheese slices onto a corn tortilla. Layer meat. Add grilled onions and peppers. Drizzle some Chipotle hot sauce. More cheese. Top with another tortilla. Set sandwich onto a hot griddle and cover with a kettle lid. Flip it now and again until slightly toasted on either side. While the cheese helps stick everything together, innards will fall out the sides, so just push things back in (a big flour tortilla folded in half with fewer ingredients works better) probably not the thing to make for a first date.

Squeeze lime juice on sandwich, garnish with salsa, etc.

Drink beer.


- Bag

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just Fine

I rolled down the alley toward the garage and hit the remote. Done it a thousand times before. Half of those thousand times I've surprised Sherrie, my neighbor across the alley, for one reason or another...most times because she's expected to either hear a car coming or see me heading out from the inside. When neither has occurred, she's looked around with big eyes, seen me arrive on the bicycle, and said oh THERE you are, Hon! I didn't know what to think!

She's finally getting used to my stealth arrivals: sometimes back from a ride, now and again ending my commute, at times hauling baskets of groceries.

This time, I was pedaling up to the garage through nearly three inches of snow-covered slush while heavy, wet flurries were still coming down. Sherrie and her daughter were across the alley unloading groceries in their garage. They looked at me.

I was a tad embarrassed at being caught, snow piled on my shoulders, hands and helmet. I didn't want them to think I was some crazy lady who goes riding in a blizzard, so I rattled away I wouldn't NORMALLY be out riding on a day like today, but my car is dead over in the Cub Foods lot and I was so lucky that my bicycle was actually in the car since I'd not unloaded it after returning from SD, and the NAPA store was still open so I headed home to change then went out again and picked up a part that the guy at Batteries Plus said I'd need -- shoulda done that one weeks ago -- and I've got AAA so everything will be fine....

Truth was, I was having a ball.

Sure, I fretted initially -- it's always a pain to have car problems -- but then it all hit me: my car was dead, but I pretty much knew what was wrong and figured I'd be able to fix it; the car hadn't died while on the road traveling back from SD; the bicycle had been in the car sparing me a walk home in a sloppy wet snowstorm; my clothes were fleece, tights, travel pants and boots instead of my normal denim and wool clogs; the parts store had still been open.

All I had left to do was to call AAA and head back through the slush and storm to the grocery store to meet the repair truck.

Sherrie wanted confirmation that everything was OK and that I'd let her know if I needed anything because that's what neighbors are for, Hon. You call us!

I assured her I was just fine.

- The adventurous OB

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On the Road to South Dakota 12/26

- OB on Highway 14, somewhere in SW Minnesota

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On Being Stranded in Cub Foods' Parking Lot during the New Year's Eve Snowstorm

always always always have a bicycle in your car
for times the car won't take you home after you've gone thar'
for when you hear that click click click and plan to go plantar
always always always have a bicycle in your car

always always always have a bicycle in your car
the motor quits and there ya sits but in the rear mirrar
surprise! you look around and realize you've got a spar'
always always always have a bicycle in your car

always always always have a bicycle in your car
tho' children point at you and say that lady is bizarre
ya ride off through the snowfall 'cuz the parts store isn't far
always always always have a bicycle in your car

always always always have a bicycle in your car
tho' AAA will rescue you not wanting a dinar
don't care if it's a Honda or an XKR Jaguar
always always always have a bicycle in your car

and have your cell phone with you and next time when the guy says you need a new battery clamp right away, get one right away


- TOB's own fault since she knew better

Monday, January 01, 2007


Unfortunately, we had to travel nearly five hours for only two days' worth, but it was worth it!

- OB wahoo