Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I’m back to commuting, finally. For the months that life was crazy with three grad classes on top of the job it was tough to get myself outta bed a half hour earlier to make the bicycle trek in. Yes, it would have been good for the bod, but the head needed downtime. Commuting, while a joy now I GET to ride to work, was for some reason another chore I SHOULD ride to work...I’m SUPPOSED TO ride to work...but I’m TOO FLIPPIN’ TIRED to ride to work.

At any rate, now I GET to ride to work again.

So, these days my commuting backpack typically carries not business attire or even casual clothing, not my usual denim, but my travel clothes. After all this time commuting, I finally realized how light that stuff is and how easily and quickly it de-wrinkles. I even went and bought more. No more hangars at work, no more heavy backpack. I just toss everything into the pack and I'm off. Once at work, there are a few minutes while I look like a crumpled piece of paper, but suddenly voila! Everything smooths out. No ironing needed.

Of course travel clothing often has zip-off legs and lots of cargo pockets...and sometimes the pant legs are a tad too short because they're made as a one-length-fits-all when really it doesn't but you know, it doesn't matter because I GET to ride to work again.

And grabbing olive-colored pants, an aqua shirt and no underwear really doesn't matter because I GET to ride to work again. Don't care. Am I covered, more or less? Do I have shoes? If so, then I'm good with it whatever the clothing may be...

...but you KNOW my cycling kit has got to be matching and spotless....

- OB because if you can't be good on the bicycle,then you've gotta look good

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sat. May 5th

awake at 5:30
on a Saturday
and so I got up
doesn't happen
doesn't happen ever
feet on the floor
at 5:30
ya, NOT
but my head was swirling
dull roar
color flashes
and so I got up
that paper
that damned paper
finished it
8 AM
packed and tidy
headed out with Betty
windy and overcast
sunny in my world

- Ob wrote this awhile back and found it's not half bad....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Soundbites from the Perkins on 6th

our lives are precious to Jesus and he lies so bad, I can't believe how he lies, I'm so tired of all the lies they're the tenets we live from that guide us through our lives but it's all situational, you know, and when I bring it up I'm so tired of hearing why we don't call our pastors priests, because we don't set them apart from the rest of the congregation and he keeps saying, prove it, prove it, prove it but it's all situational and there are things that explain it, of course dinosaurs lived on earth once, but they weren't millions of years old they just want to move, you know, like to the Cities and just get away because I've been able to actually test the insides of the the small bubbles in amber, you know amber, and have found I just love that one spot along France Avenue on 50th Street where the shopping is, I just feel so alive there and I walked around Lake Harriet and it was so great so let's pray before we part tonight

- OB had time to kill before class

Friday, May 04, 2007

Last One...

at least the last one until mid-June....

not due until Thursday
but the sooner it's done
the sooner I'm done

then Betty and I

we'll be celebratin'

- ob and we're both ancy