Monday, April 17, 2006

Note to Self

next spring
move the old cycling shorts out
you know the ones
with the holes and bare spots
the ones you wear in the winter on the trainer
in the basement
where no one ever sees you
because if they did they'd see too much of you
those ones
move them out of the dresser
once the temps get out of the fifties
just to be sure you don't ever grab the wrong pair
and ride 65 miles
in the midst of forty people
on the first nice day
next spring

- ob @#$%!!


X Bunny said...

better yet
throw them out

you deserve to buy yourself a new pair

the old bag said...

Got plenty-o new pair!

hate to wear them out on the trainer

Pete said...

I just threw out a pair last week for that very same reason. I discovered the quarter-sized hole in the back after riding to work and home in 'em. D'oh!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Velo Bella said...

oh no!

I have a pair of jeans like that.

the old bag said...

VB -- likewise!

I once had a pair of jeans that split halfway 'cross my bun halfway through my casual Friday.

Ptelea said...

Those jeans sound like my 17-year-old's favorite pair. The important part is in your selection of underclothing! (yes, his jeans are sometimes more hole than jean)

Nathan said...

How come all your other posts have pictures?

the old bag said...




the old bag said...

Ptelea -- I chose different jeans instead!