Sunday, November 16, 2008

Step Five

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The reason we started it all.

The color, according to Behr: Wilmington Tan
The color REALLY: Baby Diaper Brown

- ob

Original Kitchen

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Original pine cabinets had been refaced in a dark panel, then had been whitewashed (including the hinges) in the early 2000s.

An electrical wire ran along the OUTSIDE of the wall, around the bottom of the pantry, and up to the countertop. Peeling laminate floor squares were a camouflaging vomit color....

Cabinets to the left. Nothing but a range and fridge on the right.

I moved in during October of '02. The doorway to the left of the range has been closed-off during the remodel -- well gain about 3' more counter and cabinet space.

Shelves from Target between the fridge and range gave me a bit of storage. The bulk of the big things (mixing bowls, crock pot, baking pans) were all stored in the basement.

This was my attempt at making it livable until it was feasible to remodel. Paint and rugs can do wonders! The Sweetie moved in about a year and a half ago -- once we decided to stay, it was time for this to go!


Step Four-Point-Five

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The side door used to enter onto a landing, then into the kitchen. We closed off that doorway to gain some more counter and cabinet space there. The doorway was changed to enter into the living room.


Same Corner, no Sofa

New Doorway--the arch matches other doorways in the 1948 house

- OB we weren't quite ready to give up the whole main floor during construction!

Step Four

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Sliding door off the dining room.

- The only thing getting exercise is my pocketbook Bag