Thursday, February 22, 2007


gary paulsen thinks I'm funny


who writes books
who knows a coworker of mine
     who's going to the iditarod
          who will be followed by kids
who doesn't like much of anything sometimes
who told her I'm funny
who talked to me on the phone
who said he likes what I've written

but I don't think I'll write about it
because that might be gloating

but it's still pretty cool


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sittin' in a Tree? in a Coffee Shop?

Turns-out Stella has a thing for Ice Bike.

She's a bit of a cowgirl and Ice is...well, at first glance Ice strikes a girl as a bit old fashioned. He's been around the corner a few times. He doesn't go in for that suspension stuff. And gears? Who needs more than a seven-speed cassette?

Ice spent quite some years hanging-out, living the good life, gettin' a bit soft until, as life has it, events started knocking him on the top tube. And, when events start knockin' things start changin'. He's still a bit proper on the outside, but Ice is thinking about things a little differently these days. He picked up some fenders and some studs and now often makes the trek into the city. He's turning a bit urban...the square chic type.

And Stella's liking it.

They got to know each other while they were both hanging-out in the back 40 during part of the winter. I'm not sure how long it will last...after all, she's a dirt girl and he's a city boy, but right now they're both willing to check-out the other side for a bit. Turns-out their roots sprouted in similar places...and when one knows the other's background, really knows it, things go a little deeper than suspension and gears.

They spent part of Sunday bombing around some snowy streets, hit the coffee shop, and she didn't miss the trails at all.

- OB can't keep 'em down on the farm forever, you know

Friday, February 16, 2007


So, I made this great new blog template,

black, gold

but today looked at it from work on the PC


I'm so sorry for those of you who have to go through life looking at a PC instead of being able to look upon the computer-that-brings-enlightenment.

- TOB one day we might all be chosen

Thursday, February 15, 2007

F@*%ing Blogger

Lost my profile in the migration.


And they say it's OUT of BETA????

- OB arg

Balance vs. Accountability

I recall...puttering on bicycles in the basement Red's still waiting.

I know...I waxed skis at one time paste wax rules.

I may have books ones I liked.

I think...I used to go to the grocery store but until Oscar and Boomer grow opposable thumbs, thank God for Simon Delivers.

I remember...being up with the sun on a typical Saturday and heading out to find actual snow for cross-country skiing then heading home after dark to collapse into bed.

I can call up...times I didn't used to commute to work on the freeway gotta start taking the backroads until some warmer temps roll through, traffic makes me crabby...and I am traffic.

I may have...thought about things REALLY pondered them.

I could...afford to grab some meals out man, my cooking gets old!

Somewhere in the back of my brain are memories of time...having time, taking time, spending time. Living deliberately. But right now things are a bit out of whack. I knew they would be, and I chose them to be this way when I decided to head back to guess, maybe...that decision is a remnant of living deliberately...

whoa, pause for a moment of clarity

I'm doing what I can to maintain some semblance of a life now, but I'm combining that with the need to prepare for when the soft days return -- the soft-weather days when the bitter cold is gone. Betty will want out. I can't be telling her I can't go because there's this paper that's due next Thursday....

She'll be having none of that.

So, I've turned into a gunner. I've worked my way through most of the one-pagers due throughout the semester. The larger projects have been started. I want it done. All of it. Soon.

Betty's holding me accountable. And she can be relentless if she doesn't get her way.

- TOB always has to make choices

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Multitasking? LOL!

I've been back in grad school for about three weeks now, enough time to have finished-up the third session of this semester's gawd, it's a whole semester three classes. Three of 'em. I'm on the fast track. I slogged through 6+ years for my Master's and I swore I'd never do anything so slow and agonizing again. I'll finish-up the bulk of this certificate by December, except for my practicum. I'd rather be crabby and have no life for 12 months instead of for 30.

Besides, I'm 45. I'm beyond gunning for a 4.0, I have a life to live.

I have to say, the technology surrounding college these days is fascinating. Unlike those of us in k-12 education who believe in "anytime, anywhere learning" colleges can actually start practicing it. Courses meet about 60 miles up the road; but those of us here in the Cities, in Thief River Falls, in Bemidji, can attend via interactive TV, via streaming video or via phone. I can even "attend" asynchronously via the video later. One thing that would make it better would be the option of a podcast.

I've tried each, and the hands-down winner is the phone. For the first 30-minutes of one of last week's classes I was out walking around the neighborhood with my bluetooth ear bud and my cell on mute. I focused better than I had previously when I sat in front of the computer watching the streaming video. I could be outside! Then I did laundry! I emptied the dishwasher! I could un-mute and offer input at any time this shopping >:-) .

People say kids these days multitask when all that kids are doing is engaging in three of the same thing: they're emailing, I-Ming and text messaging all at the same time...maybe even while they're writing their paper for class. THE task is writing. They're DOING ONE THING on multiple electronic pieces of paper. And, on most they're writing things like: cold today lol or i c u hahaha or did u c harpers shirt omg.

Multitasking, my arse.

Let's see them synthesize, jog AND present a coherent verbal argument that actually relates to the concept being discussed in a room 60 miles away.

I want to see them attend class AND debate a current educational issue through their bluetooth while bicycling.

Kids these days...they're soft, soft, I tell you.

- OB

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cable, WI '07

We packed as though we'd ski for three days
ate as though there were three
got up in the mornings determined
on each of three
but each day Red was even lower
than the day before
so finally
we packed all our threes
and watched the bank thermometers
through the small towns
on the way home.

- OB and friends did get out in it anyway!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

$97 Later

Doctor = $30
Dentist = $67
1/4" sliver removed from my right tonsil = Priceless

- it was hidden in OB's granola...twigs and stems be damned, this wouldn't have happened if I was eating chocolate, there aren't sharp things in chocolate....