Monday, October 22, 2007

All in a Day's Work?

Across Cedar Lake toward Uptown

Wirth Park's Legacy Trails looking more Official

The new Paint Job Unpainted enlarge to see the original mph on a pedestrian-free trail

The Cedar Lake Trail leading to and from Downtown

Cedar Lake

-TOB this, and a bla snore zzzzz class session

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Six-Pack Abs

Now that mountain biking season is here
I realize why they're important
and that I don't have them

- O flabbyabs B

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Shoes

In my crowd, mountain biking is synonymous with autumn and orange leaves...start riding too soon and one is just plain messing with forces beyond one's control -- a couple springs ago a buddy went out to Maah Daah Hey in MAY...the planets haven't aligned correctly since.

So, with the new season arriving it was time for me to

who am I trying to kid?

So, with The Sweetie building up a 1 x 9 Monkey and getting a new 29er within weeks of each other it was time for me to be out in the garage tinkering on mountain bikes. I had actually started pondering new wheels for the Stumpjumper back in August, but seeing two new September arrivals made the push that much more frenetic. I WANT a Monkey. I WANT a 29er!

Except that I already have a mountain bike I love, a great 'cross bike for commuting and a '76 Raleigh still sitting in my basement ready to become my urban breakfast machine, not to mention the rest of the crowd hanging out in the garage. I have no need for another bicycle.

I test rode a few 29ers just to be sure.

Didn't like any of 'em whew!

So, I did nothing for a couple weeks to be sure the feeling had passed, and after a few early fall rides, I remembered what I liked so much about Stella. She fits. She's easy not in that way. I hopped online to see what wheels the MTBR forums were buzzing on. I talked to friends. I went to a nearby LBS, as well as to the LBS. By the time I'd picked a few brains about hubs and weights and spoke-types I knew what I wanted.

But new wheels meant a few more decisions: stay with rim brakes or go disc? if disc, hydraulic or mechanical? tube or tubeless? do it all myself or have the mechanics take care of everything? AND, should I really drop a wad on a three-year-old bicycle?
Everything arrived last Wednesday. I was slated to leave town bright and early Friday for our annual three-day Wisconsin mountain bike trip...the fall vacation. There wasn't time to be changing things out, and besides who wants to mess with good karma two days before a big trip?

I do.

I'll just take these out to the garage and see how things look, I said. When the dust cloud settled, Stella was sporting new 17 degree Salsa handlebars with Cane Creek ergo bar ends, a SRAM 980 and chain, Thomson seatpost, Avid BB7s, a pair of CrossMarks and a set of sweet DT Swiss 1540s.

She rides like a dream!

- OB off in happy land

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Date: October 7
Miles: a few
Ride Type: ding-around breakfast, LBS , downtown
Bike: 'cross
Irritant: Race team three abreast taking both sides of the trail (or maybe the guy playing chicken with us was passing them because he just couldn't be bothered to slow down and wait until it was safe -- IF YOU WOULDN'T DO THAT IN A CAR ON THE HIGHWAY, DON'T DO IT ON A BICYCLE ON THE TRAIL criminy), new Twins stadium construction where the trail was slated to go
October Mileage: some
Year to Date Mileage: a bunch

Date: October 6
Miles: several
Ride Type: supper in Hopkins
Bike: 'cross
Irritant: none
October Mileage: some
Year to Date Mileage: a bunch

Date: October 2
Miles: a few
Ride Type: commute
Bike: 'cross
Irritant: didn't stop for a Frosty on the way home
October Mileage: some
Year to Date Mileage: a bunch

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Not Marian

I'm down to my last two courses for my Information Media license: IM 552 -- Cardigan Sweaters and Bow-Tied Scarves, and IM 624 -- Shushing.

I think I'm flunking out of the first one. The other day someone said to me: You're the hippest, most outdoorsy librarian ever! I'd ridden the bicycle that day, washed my now wild and ratty hair (who has TIME to go to the stylist?) in the media center sink before classes arrived and had changed into a skinny black tee and rust colored double front-Carharts with my belt from Mexico and a pair of black Merrills.

I can't find my flowered skirts. The peter-pan collared dresses? Gone, I tell you. And my closet hasn't seen a jumper since the 80s (but the one I had then was denim -- I was such a rabble-rouser: it was my way of wearing jeans).

What are these kids going to think?