Saturday, February 11, 2012


It’s been about a week since the LHT was pinched and I’m getting past it.

It’s not in the same league as a family member having health issues. It’s not the same as losing a significant other. No one has cancer, has lost a job or is foreclosing on a home.

The frame was purchased due to a contract provision at work. In exchange for taking a couple years' pay freeze, we all received a sick day’s worth of pay to purchase fitness equipment. I built up the Trucker using parts from boxes and from an old cracked frame. I didn’t have much out-of-pocket money into it.

And, can I be honest about my attachment to it?

I'm not sure I liked the ride.

Can I say that without the converted taking it as heresy?

A girlfriend asked me about the ride last summer. She said she’d commuted on one for a bit; insisted upon getting the bike even though her husband thought she’d be better off on something less hefty. She’s a wee thing and it turned-out pushing a heavy bicycle made commuting to work feel like work. So she sold it. I was wrestling with the same dilemma.

It doesn’t have the get-up-and-go that I like, I told her, but I guess that’s not what I’m looking for in a commuter. I’m tired of carrying my stuff on my back. After loading down a ‘cross bike, the LHT can handle groceries and it’s stable. I’d had fun building-up the bike, and it was a pretty thing, but I didn’t love it. I wasn’t sure Wheel and I would ever go touring even though the idea appealed.

The frame was likely to go up for sale sometime this summer. The bits would have gone back into the garage drawers where they’d have mingled with the rest of the quilt pieces until the next build. I’d have moved on to another commuter.

So yes, I’m out some bucks and some bits.

Bummer? Sure.

Devastating? No.

-The it's just stuff  Bag

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stolen LHT

My Long Haul Trucker was stolen! Cub Foods, St. Louis Park MN 5 pm Sunday 2/4.

Pieced together from old parts...barely used Ultegra triple 9 sp from the early 2000s, Dura Ace skewers from 2000 and Open Pro blue anodized rims...there isn't another like it * sigh *

  • BLACK Surly Long Haul Trucker frameset, 56 cm
  • BLUE rims (old Open Pros) with 
    • Ultegra 600 hubs (1996)
    • Dura Ace skewers (2000)
    • back wheel: butted spokes, blue nips
    • front wheel: heavy-gauge spokes, silver nips
    • 9 sp Ultegra 12-27 cassette
  • BLUE Salsa lip lock seat collar
  • BLUE handlebar tape, silver plugs
    • Silver bars, non-ergo 
    • black rubber pads in hook under bar tape
  • Ultegra, 9 sp triple (2002-04?)
    • 172.5 cranks
  • Silver Thomson stem, 25.4mm, 5 degree, 90mm (not as pictured--that was a test stem)
  • Chris King headset, silver
  • silver and black spacers (not as pictured)
    • black Ahrens Wisecracker bottle opener 
    • black cable hanger
  • Shimano BR-R550 cantis
  • Eggbeater pedals with a bit-o-blue on the spindle
  • black Jagwire cable housing
  • Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires
  • Avocet O2 saddle, cromo rails, covering loose around edges
  • Silver seatpost off an old LeMond
  • Tubus Vega black rear rack
  • Arkel Utility Basket panniers (grocery getter size, black and army green, long bag straps), 2, with a lb of Dunn Bros Brazil beans!
  • seatbag with tools, spare
  • Zefal frame pump
  • 2 Zefal Spring waterbottle cages
  • BLUE BARMITTS around the handlebars and brake levers
  • black Race Blade fenders, detachable 

    -The PISSED OFF Old Bag