Thursday, April 20, 2006


Last weekend...not too happy about this one for some reason, but I'm getting used to it.

- tOb


budda43 said...

What's not to be happy about?

Granted, I think you've reached the age where your cake candles must be lit far from any sensitive smoke detectors but . . .

you kick @ss.

Lunatic Biker said...

Is this where I'm expected to kiss ass? So, I'm three years older than you which makes me older than dirt. Don't stress it. It serves no purpose. Just keep enjoying your life and look out for that black Surly Crosscheck on the Greenway.

Trée said...

Happy Birthday OB.

C. P. said...

No worries! I'm a scant one year behind you and happy to still be here.

senioritis said...

Happy birthday to you! I turn 60 in a coupla weeks; that'll be truly strange. But kind of nice, somehow. There's nothing in sight to keep me off the bike, and that's the best thing. If you can ride, not a lot else matters.

Shawn Kielty said...

Happy birthday. I just did some quick math and realized that I am only 47. I thought I was older than that -- lucky me.

Tim said...

Everybody says that gettin' old sucks, but just remember: It beats the alternative.

Happy Birthday!

Ruby said...

Happy birthday to you.

shannon said...

Happy Birthday! I'll hoist a cold one at LBS happy hour for you!

Pete said...

Happy birthday, Baggie! I'll hoist one at the Summit Scandia Ale release party tonight for ya!

X Bunny said...

happy birthday!!

i bet you don't act or feel your age

Matt said...

Wow, halfway done, eh?

I'm 48 so am slightly ahead of you on my weay to geezerhood, you young whippersnapper you.

the old bag said...

Thanks to all -- yes, life is still good...I just don't like those NUMBERS!

Brandon said...

You sure are one kick-ass 45yo keep on keep'n on TOB love to read your posts

George said...


Hell, that's no biggie. I find that I am having more fun the older I get (I'm 46).

I'm just wondering when the curve will top out.

As an added bonus, you can get away with saying some outrageous stuff the older you get :-)

Ptelea said...

Happy Birthday, TOB!

I agree with George - it seems to get better during these years. Actually, I slumbered through until almost 50 and then woke up. You're on the right track - being active 'reverses' some of the aging process! I'll be 53 on my next birtday & I definitely plan to 'kick @ass'!

gwadzilla said...

hey old bag
if you need
I can write you a note saying that you just started a mid-life crisis
which allows you to buy a new bike
or two
this year!

do you have a cross bike?

this could be the year for you to dominate the women's 45+ class in your region!

or at least have fun trying

I have a friend named john who I am trying to get to do his first mountain bike this year
I want him to do his first before he turns 50 this year
I think he will do it
I think he will love it
I think he will do more than one race
he just needs to do that first mountain bike race to get it in his veins

the old bag said...

Brandon, George, Ptelea, Gwadzilla -- thanks so much!

(Gwadz, the 'cross bike is at the shop waiting to be assembled! ...wrote my own note....)