Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gray-Haired Woman on the Bianchi

OK, so it's not that gray...
still has some brown


LBS Owner: Hey, you're getting a reputation on the street.

OB: Huh?

LBS Owner: You're getting a rep. These two guys were in the other day saying you're kicking @ss on the bike.

OB: Really?

LBS Owner: They were saying, this gray-haired woman...rides a Bianchi...Jeee...Jaaa... I said Jeanne. They said, yeah her.

OB: R e a l l y . Gray-haired woman. Now I'm going to have to kick some @ss.

LBS Owner: Said you kicked their @ss, and I'm sayin' aright! Go Jeanne.

OB: Cool. Wait. Was it the big, round guy?

LBS Owner: No.

OB: Cool.

- but The Old Bag knows it coulda been the guy with the heart condition, the dude on the mountain bike, the one whose chain froze, the guy with his IV drip brazed to his frame....


Ruby said...

Woohoo. That's good press no matter whose ass you were kicking. Sounds like they're colour blind to...

Brandon said...

So OB are you making a reference to me here, "the guy with his IV drip brazed to his frame...."? Because it's not funny....

Just kidding it really is funny, really really funny! I feel as if I should not only have the IV drip but a permenant left leg attatched to my pedal that I plug into.

Great job on the Kick'n Ass! just keep KATN...

(Kick'n Ass Take'n Names)

Squirrel said...

Nuttin wrong with a little ass kicking now and then:), happens to be a good rep too.


X Bunny said...

another thing helmets help with

it's harder to tell what color the hair is of the person kickin' or being kicked

C. P. said...

There's always someone faster and always someone slower...just make sure the slower ones are behind you.

the old bag said...

Ruby -- too funny!

Brandon -- yes the way, I took out the part about "the guy with the artificial leg"

Squirrel -- agreed, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered JUST WHO, exactly??

XBunny -- Good call. My helmet is silver...that's it.

CP -- agreed...then I need to be sure my shorts are intact (sometimes there's just too much to think about!).

Alberto said...

So very funny, OB!!! Do you ride as good as you write?


Tim said...

I'm glad it wasn't the round guy. I once entered an early morning mountain bike race. I was cold and sleep-deprived and didn't bother to warm up because I was too grumpy. My race strategy was quickly redefined after the start: Beat the fat guy wearing a pager on his bike shorts. I barely did it.

Rep on the street? Pffft. I'm so slow I'm lucky if I avoid a rep on the street. It wouldn't be as good as yours.

Shawn Kielty said...

alberto -- TOB totally kicks @ss.

the old bag said...

Alberto -- thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you visit.

Tim -- great story, we've all been there!

Shawn -- thanks!