Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Drastic Steps

marched home from work today
determined to rid my kitchen of fat-filled
unhealthy foods
banish those things that tempt me
out came the remaining bag of Tostitos
a fourth-filled
the hunk of leftover Velveeta
the third carton of frozen vanilla
rid the kitchen of the nasty LDL-producers
for the sake of my health
I had to
ate all of it
won’t ever hurt me again

what, you think I’m going to throw away good food?!?

- OB's not that drastic


budda43 said...

Ahhh yes.

The binge extermination plan.

One of my personal favorites.

Trée said...

"If you buy it you will eat it." I buy it anyway and since I've already established as fact that if bought it will be eaten, well, who's to stand in the way of undeniable truth? :-)

Pete said...

Junk food binge! Mmmmmm....

the old bag said...

budda, pete -- I just did what hadda be done.

Trée -- I like it! We can't be running from the always finds us.

Jill said...

You had me worried there! Throwing away Tostitos, well, that has the same emotional sting as watching someone set a 20-dollar bill aflame.

George said...

I guess that means you won't be any donuts in the near future..........

the old bag said...

Jill -- amen!

George -- never say never.