Thursday, March 02, 2006

So, this Cholesterol Thing...

Been doing a little digging since I've found out my arteries are closing shut. Turns-out it's not enough to know one's triglicerides, HDL and LDL numbers. One has to know ratios.

Ratios?! Preliminary internet findings have turned-up two different ratios to keep track of. I'm finding different numbers those ratios need to be beneath, but roughly:
  • Total Cholesterol divided by HDL (optimum is under 4:1)
  • LDL divided by HDL (optimum is under 3.5:1)
Both ratios are more important than all the individual numbers. I'm happy to report I am off to buy another tub of ice cream!


Those numbers would indeed both be under 4 and 3.5 respectively -- and the crowd goes wild...bwaaaaaaa! Niacin, man, niacin.

- The Old wahoo! Bag

...and my students ask me when they'll be ever using Math out in the real world when you're pushing 45 that's when


Pete said...

I use math all the time. And I was an english major!

Nathan said...

LOL - awesome!