Monday, March 13, 2006

The Demise of the LBS

The Plight of the Goofball

is that redundant??
So, how do you like yer bike?

Greatest Betty I’ve ever had.

Yeah, my good bike is an unobtanium Speedoflite.


Yeah, this old Ralphie is my winter ride.


Yeah, I stopped over at *LBS* and they wanted $UntoldMillions$ for for my unobtanium Speedoflite AND it was one that had been test ridden all summer like I want to BUY a test-ridden bike so I got on the internet and found one at *MASSIVE CATALOG OUTLET* for $SlightlyLess$ and THEN I went to E-Bay and found one for $SoCheap$.

...and there goes the Local Bike Shop...

Well, what do they expect when they’ve got 100% markup, come on.

Bicycles have a mark-up of 30-35%.

... . . .. .

So, where do you plan to get yours serviced

- this guy didn't know TOB does some work for *LBS*


X Bunny said...

and then at the LBS you also get the huffies from costco that were never put together correctly in the first place...

or the parts don't all really go together and so it is impossible to really make it work smoothly...

and they don't see why they should have to pay you for this...

the old bag said...

...or the guy who bought parts from *MASSIVE ONLINE OUTLET* but doesn't understand how an LBS would have the nerve to send him somewhere else to have them installed....

Tim said...

I buy some parts from my LBS and some from mail-order companies, and then install and maintain them myself. I didn't start doing it to be cheap. I started doing it because I got tired of poor workmanship, long waits for simple repairs, and arrogant attitudes from shop employees.

I know it's unpopular to say, but most of the shops I've used in the past 20 years (and that's a lot of shops, in multiple states) had serious shortcomings. Only a few truly provided good service.

There's a good shop near my home. I know most of the employees personally, I trust them and I try to buy my parts there, if they have what I need. But because of all the bad shops I've encountered, my garage is already equipped with a workstand and tools.

Local bike shops would be better off if they stopped telling us how important it is for us to support them, and started showing us they're serious about friendly service, reasonable repair times, and losing the "I'm cooler than you are" attitude that turns off people who are knew to the sport.

Tim said...

Aaargh! Make that NEW to the sport.

I new I shud half proofred thet post.

X Bunny said...

i would never recommend you support a business that does a bad job

overgeneralizing always gets us in trouble

the old bag said...


It’s all about quality. I refuse to spend time with an LBS that does crap work or treats customers like ants. And I love doing my own work because I can...and it saves time and $$.

But that shop backing me up when I’m in over my head, or need trusted advice on a product or process, is well worth it.

Tim said...

That's true, x bunny, but it seems that the bike world is full of articles, online discussions, etc., on the importance of supporting local shops. I rarely see one addressing what shops are doing wrong, or what they can do to improve themselves.

I think it's an under-discussed fact that so many shops do a poor job of making customers that they're welcome, respected and getting a good value for their dollar.

Shawn Kielty said...

I started out sharing this with you -- went on to my own thoughts and comments -- which grew into my own post.

the old bag said...

I like the Unobtanium link!

Shawn Kielty said...

Clayton Bailey was one of my profs at the college of letters. An inspiration. And fun every day.