Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So, you'll have to go somewhere else for today's reads:
  • From both George and Todd: Bob Brown's copper plated nature bike that might be the thing that gets me into a custom frame some day.... I stopped over at Bob's today to pick up my newly coupled LeMond and just missed seeing the copper-plating. It was shipped out today.
  • Shawn has a nice story about his LBS of 30 years ago.
  • Tim needs your support now during the spring slog.
  • Every weeks CP posts some awesome photos over at Tatterdemalion along with words of wisdom and activity log. My personal fav is this one.
- TOB's hoping all y'all have a fine day

P.S. I finally jotted some responses to comments from Sat's post I'm sure you've been dyin' for these it was fun to hear from you all!


C. P. said...

TOB, thanks for the plug! Always enjoy your words...even when they're "Sick...Crabby... and Tired."

Each summer, I spend time up your way training, racing and loafing... maybe there's a "Jim, there's been a Disturbance" encounter on the docket for '06. Keep yours eyes peeled...

Squirrel said...

Get better TOB:) Springs a come'n.