Sunday, February 26, 2006


Triglycerides 71 (optimum levels are -150)

HDL 85 (optimum levels are +40)

LDL 144 (optimum levels are -130 with -100 the best)

My doctor didn't seem too concerned given that two numbers are really good. Two goods somewhat outweigh one bad, but I still don't like it (family history is against me on this one). From what I've found, the biggest influence on LDL is diet yeah, yeah, exercise. I tend to eat fairly healthy, but I allow myself some indulgences -- maybe I've lost track. Suddenly I'm seeing fat ooze from what was once fare game:

ice cream

pastries...the flaky kind

pepperoni with sausage

with peach mango salsa!

wild rice soup




Pete said...

You can keep your wild rice soup, but I'll cozy up next to you to share any of those other yummies!

senioritis said...

Wild rice soup cannot be bad for you! —Unless it's cream-based?

X Bunny said...

i'd trade a lot of pastries and pepperoni to have an hdl anywhere near yours

George said...

I'll give it all up.

Except for my ice cream.

They can take my ice cream when they pry my cold dead fingers off my spoon.

annie said...

Senioritis, are you not from MN? Wild rice soup is possibly the worst thing you can eat. It is cream and butter based and when it's properly made it is the only soup in the world that you can actually eat with a fork. Mmmmmmm.

I'm sorry, TOB. Can't you just take some of those drugs they advertise on TV and keep on eatin' the good stuff?

the old bag said...

Annie -- I'm taking the alternative: niacin. It's helped for a couple years now, but damn that falling estrogen anyway direct correlation. Haven't gone the drug route since they affect other activities :-]

Senioritis -- cream, butter, more cream....

Pete -- they'll be sitting outside my kitchen door waiting for you...unless I eat them all first!

George -- agreed!

X -- glad I've got that going for me.