Thursday, March 16, 2006


Friday's sun was insistent
warm, soul-filled, life-affirming
early-spring, mud-scented air
possibilities inherent
in long, slow, base-building miles

clouds gray on Saturday
windy, damp
warm in an odd way
as flow out of the deep freeze can be
in the moment where cold meets warm
drawing-out focus and determination
good day for a strong ride
especially with breeze from behind

Sunday, more of a middlin' ride
on a middlin' type of day
in fine weather
with cooler temperatures
hinting at an unwelcome arrival

the storm descended Monday
as spring blizzards do
whirling, growling, tossing
flailing about our morning
as we wrapped inside warm homes
resting, growing, gathering strength
content, calm, waiting

Tuesday, March clambered for hold
but had no claws
attempted its half-eyed wintered stare
while the sun was high
warming the streets
dripping snow from rooftops
deceiving its weakness

- of course, TOB wrote this before today's 5" came down....


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

wot don't kill, makes ya stronger and all 'dat?

... screw it. ur tuff 'nough.

bring on the springies.


here's a black beauty tipped in honor, yo.

X Bunny said...

but i am well past poetry with this spring's weather

the best i can do is keep the curses quiet

the old bag said...

oV -- thanks for the cold one tipped for all of us up here. Shovelin' more today about did-in my attitude....

xbun -- got that right.