Saturday, March 04, 2006


This is your bike. You ride it. It’s what you do. You get on it and you ride it. And you like it. Year after year.

This is the saddle. It’s what you sit on. It’s comfortable. You make it comfortable because it’s what you sit on. So get used to it. Those are handlebars. They help steer the bicycle, but so do your hips that are on the saddle. Lean forward and grab the bars. Way forward. Lean more. Yes, you rode it like this last fall. It’s the same.

These things attached to the rings -- they’re the crank arms. At the end of the cranks are pedals. Your feet go into shoes which attach to the pedals. You move your feet in circles with the pedals and they make the bike go forward. It’s what they’re for. They make the bike and you go forward. Sometimes you go forward fast. Sometimes not. Right now it would be not.

You don't go fast, but you go. Because it’s what you do. And you like it. Year after year.

- OB's knowin' there's SOMETHING familiar about all this....

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Sockless said...

Heya. Hi there. Just kick started my abandoned blog and was cruising around, found yours. If you find out how the hell you came to be forty would you let me know? I seem to have found my way into the decade too.

Enjoyed reading you.