Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I wanted to love you. You have everything I’m looking for...that fun side, a bit of a flash.
You’re not afraid to put it all out there. Yet you’re flexible enough to fit into a variety of situations.
I know you’d work hard and even show me a good time. I appreciate that about you. But after three go-rounds, it’s time for me to admit the passion just isn’t there. I’m sorry.
I’ve met someone...not someone better. In fact, this one is even lacking some of the things you have; but I can’t deny the bond. It was immediate.
And the thing is, I know our time together won’t be without its frustrations!
But we flow. All I have to do is think it, and we’re heading in that direction.
You have everything! But it's me. I can’t go through the years feeling just OK about your ride quality. I’d resent you, and you deserve better.
I know you’ll find the right one.


- The Old Bag really wanted to like the Salsa


Lunatic Biker said...

Oh, the orange Las Cruces. Heavy sigh.

the old bag said...

lunatic -- I rode it over and over last Sat., but I just wasn't happy with the subtleties of the ride! For me, the center of balance was in a funny spot.


shannon said...

never been on the salsa, although i'll admit it's a looker. don't tell my cross concept, though. i love my cross-concept, whether it's stripped for a CX race or burdened with fenders and 35c studded tires for a full winter of riding.

the old bag said...

tgd -- it's a looker plus eyelets, disc-capable, scandium frame...everything I was looking for.

Glad to hear the good words about the Concept -- can't wait.