Friday, June 26, 2009

Rant to Castelli

...because I'm sure they read my blog...






three of 'em!

- The CRANKY Old Bag what do they expect me to carry in mini pockets? or two pockets? or ONE pocket? We're cyclists, here, not lipstick-carrying credit card girls!



LimesNow said...

Sometimes you have to wonder if they know who buys their product and what those people DO while using their product. I have some great workout pants I walk in sometimes. Lightweght, soft waistband, but more pockets than you can count. Pockets inside the pants, pockets outside the pants. If I put rocks in each one, I might be able to descend to the center of the earth. Hey, Danskin, it cost you more to make those pants that aren't suitable for ANYTHING . . . never mind.

StevenCX said...

I beg to differ. Big pockets on a Castelli jersey are like pockets in a little black dress. Save the baggy pockets for the Primal jerseys.

The Old Bag said...

@StevenCX -- how many of YOUR jerseys have one pocket?

or two pockets?

or three cute, slant-topped pockets???

I'm not talking baggy pockets, here, but three regular pockets. I looked at jerseys today with two pockets...three pockets with the middle one regular-sized, the two on the outside were both about 3" wide with slanted tops rendering the space about 3x3.

What would any cyclist keep in a 3x3 pocket?!?

Groover said...

I'm with you. I've got one Castelli jersey with ONE pocket that hardly fits spare tube and pump and it's therefore useless for any ride over an hour when I also need to take a bar or two. That still leaves me with my mobile phone and sometimes camera to put ... where?

@StevenCX: Got to disagree. I've got very schmick Assos, Pearl Izumi and even club jerseys that have three pockets and pack everything I need on a three hour ride, without looking baggy.

Once known as The Badger said...

I've never been fond of Castelli. I like Descente jerseys with a full zipper and three sizable pockets. I also like CapoDeforma, who makes the kit for my team. The shorts are great, as are the jerseys. Full zipper, and three deep pockets.