Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's Time

Three more days
until my first
real summer
in three years

Alice and I
will be having beer
to celebrate
the occurrence

-TOB beer me


jeff said...


Tim said...

A classic from Alice. Here's a sample of another summer tune from Ry Cooder:

No more books and studies
And I canstay out late with my buddies
I can do the things that I wanna do
'Cause all my cares are through
I can root for the Yankees from the bleachers
And don't have to worry 'bout teachers (or students, in TOB's case)
And I'm so glad that school is out
Well, I'm gonna sing and shout!

Have a great summer, TOB! I wish we could do another ride in Alaska.

mike J said...

I am so envious. Congrats!

LimesNow said...

PROOF that god loves us and wants us to be happy! I'm glad for you.

Once known as The Badger said...

Umm, I took off early to go play in Bakersfield! I'm already off for the summer! Yeeee haaaaahhh! As they say in some parts of the country. Are you going to run screaming from the building, shedding all the bureaurocratic layers as you go?

Doozyanner said...

Oh man Oh man Oh man is it EVER time!!! Our soon to be new principal is eager to jump right in and get everything in place for next year....and I am tired. Ready to rest the brain cells. Enjoy your summer off..cheers!

WheelDancer said...

Fstz, glug, glug, glug.... aaaaahhhhhhhhh :-)

The Old Bag said...

@Tim -- I'd love to come back to AK and be awake this time! We just didn't see/do enough last summer.

@Badger -- probably won't run screaming, but will likely ride away calmly and not stop until I reach Montana or someplace.

@Doozy -- You know of what I speak!

Snakebite said...

I think Alice Cooper is playing here this summer at the fair. Some of us will likely turn this into some sort of sick and twisted bike ride event.