Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it a Commute?

when you go in
to get some work done
but you're not getting paid
because you don't work in the summers
but you're taking care of stuff
and you rode
but it's not like it's a ride
because if it were a ride, "going-in" would mean into a coffee shop for some joe and a scone
because you went in
to the place you work
but you didn't have to
yet you kinda did
so is that a commute?

- OB I thought I had the summer off....


C. P. said...

It's a "bike ride," plain and simple. Like when a kid goes for a bike ride to Little League or the swimming pool or the ice cream stand. Adults needs more bike rides... put the Queen of Hearts in your spokes next time.

Linda said...

I'd say that was just short of a commute because you had to go in but you didn't get paid for it but you did it out of a sense of obligation.

More like a Commuty-Duty.

LimesNow said...

It's a commute because the work you're not required to do right now pulled you there. Your head was "at work".

Mike J said...

If your bike is leaning up against a tree in the woods and a gust of wind comes up and blows it over and let's say no one is around...... Does it still make a sound? I'd say yes on both accounts.

The Old Bag said...

Queen of Hearts, Commuty-Duty -- good ones! My head was definitely "at work."

Mike, it would be the sound of me crying...did the top tube dent? was it the steel frame or the aluminum one???