Friday, June 19, 2009

New Brew

I picked these up purely because of their names. I can't say I picture Betty as a blond, and I'm not sure how she feels about being called "Sweaty"...after all, we women don't sweat, we glow.

- The and in this humidity, I'm definitely glowing Bag


Once known as The Badger said...


And say hi to Betty for me. What a sweat hog!

LimesNow said...

How 'bout a glass of Red Bicyclette wine?


Linda said...


WheelDancer said...

Betty wasn't very sweaty but the Singletrack as a ribbon of delight!

Ah yes, glowing, very much glowing.

The Old Bag said...

@Badger -- your Cervelo wears knobbies.

@Limes -- sounds interesting!

@Linda -- ERP.

@Wheel -- we glow.

Terry Weiner said...

Have you ever heard of a brew called "Arrogant Bastard" Pale Ale? I bought it for the name too. Right now it is Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager, which I chose for the price. Is beer $8.00 a six pack in Minnesota too?


The Old Bag said...

@Terry -- I like the name! Here, decent beer runs anywhere from $7.50-9.50 for a six. Our mainstay is Summit EPA (a local brew) purchased in bulk from Costco.

LimesNow said...

The company in San Marcos, CA, that brews or distributes Arrogant Bastard has a number of other hilariously named potions - I used to buy Arrogant Bastard for the Badger, but I called it Dirty Old Bastard because that pleased me. (And him.)

Doozyanner said...

One of my favorite brewing companies--Widmer Brothers of Portland, Oregon--have a toast printed in each bottle cap. In that spirit--

A Prost to trying new beers!