Thursday, February 15, 2007

Balance vs. Accountability

I recall...puttering on bicycles in the basement Red's still waiting.

I know...I waxed skis at one time paste wax rules.

I may have books ones I liked.

I think...I used to go to the grocery store but until Oscar and Boomer grow opposable thumbs, thank God for Simon Delivers.

I remember...being up with the sun on a typical Saturday and heading out to find actual snow for cross-country skiing then heading home after dark to collapse into bed.

I can call up...times I didn't used to commute to work on the freeway gotta start taking the backroads until some warmer temps roll through, traffic makes me crabby...and I am traffic.

I may have...thought about things REALLY pondered them.

I could...afford to grab some meals out man, my cooking gets old!

Somewhere in the back of my brain are memories of time...having time, taking time, spending time. Living deliberately. But right now things are a bit out of whack. I knew they would be, and I chose them to be this way when I decided to head back to guess, maybe...that decision is a remnant of living deliberately...

whoa, pause for a moment of clarity

I'm doing what I can to maintain some semblance of a life now, but I'm combining that with the need to prepare for when the soft days return -- the soft-weather days when the bitter cold is gone. Betty will want out. I can't be telling her I can't go because there's this paper that's due next Thursday....

She'll be having none of that.

So, I've turned into a gunner. I've worked my way through most of the one-pagers due throughout the semester. The larger projects have been started. I want it done. All of it. Soon.

Betty's holding me accountable. And she can be relentless if she doesn't get her way.

- TOB always has to make choices


shawnkielty said...

You have new posts under old ones ... That ain't right.

I am feeling a bit busy myself these days -- Maybe I just overlooked that you had posted this ...

The Old Bag said...

Surprise! I actually posted a couple times in a day. Hasn't happened for awhile.

gwadzilla said...

I got out on the cross country skiis today

I look like a character from a Warren Miller film

the only thing more funny than me on skiis
is me doing yoga