Thursday, February 22, 2007


gary paulsen thinks I'm funny


who writes books
who knows a coworker of mine
     who's going to the iditarod
          who will be followed by kids
who doesn't like much of anything sometimes
who told her I'm funny
who talked to me on the phone
who said he likes what I've written

but I don't think I'll write about it
because that might be gloating

but it's still pretty cool



budda43 said...

I read The Hatchet and The River in grade school. I loved those books!

If he think's you're cool, then you must be flippin' awesome!!!

SueJ said...

Sweeeeet. Let's treat each other like we're awesome, okay?

The Old Bag said...

Budda -- well, maybe awesome from an 8-year-old's point of view!

Sue -- good's too often too easy to feel we should downplay things.

Anonymous said...

I like your style.

The Old Bag said...

Thanks Jenny! And thanks for stopping by!

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

i think you mis-spelled his last name...

then again, he spells his name wrong anyway....

X Bunny said...

then i can gloat that i know you (in a bloggy sense) and i think you're funny too

Lunatic Biker said...

Is this color scheme for keeps cuz I feel somewhat suicidal when I look at them. I called the suicide hotline but it has been automated since I last called.

The Old Bag said...

Yup Bunny, you knew me when....

Lunatic, don't go all suicidal, just get a better computer.