Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sittin' in a Tree? in a Coffee Shop?

Turns-out Stella has a thing for Ice Bike.

She's a bit of a cowgirl and Ice is...well, at first glance Ice strikes a girl as a bit old fashioned. He's been around the corner a few times. He doesn't go in for that suspension stuff. And gears? Who needs more than a seven-speed cassette?

Ice spent quite some years hanging-out, living the good life, gettin' a bit soft until, as life has it, events started knocking him on the top tube. And, when events start knockin' things start changin'. He's still a bit proper on the outside, but Ice is thinking about things a little differently these days. He picked up some fenders and some studs and now often makes the trek into the city. He's turning a bit urban...the square chic type.

And Stella's liking it.

They got to know each other while they were both hanging-out in the back 40 during part of the winter. I'm not sure how long it will last...after all, she's a dirt girl and he's a city boy, but right now they're both willing to check-out the other side for a bit. Turns-out their roots sprouted in similar places...and when one knows the other's background, really knows it, things go a little deeper than suspension and gears.

They spent part of Sunday bombing around some snowy streets, hit the coffee shop, and she didn't miss the trails at all.

- OB can't keep 'em down on the farm forever, you know


shawnkielty said...

You're too much Jeanne.

Snakebite said...

How are you going to get them back to the farm once they've seen Karl Hungus?

Pete said...

Dang, snakebite stole my comment!

The Old Bag said...

I've gotta get that movie again!