Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cable, WI '07

We packed as though we'd ski for three days
ate as though there were three
got up in the mornings determined
on each of three
but each day Red was even lower
than the day before
so finally
we packed all our threes
and watched the bank thermometers
through the small towns
on the way home.

- OB and friends did get out in it anyway!


Emma Pod said...

That is WAY TOO COLD! It's almost 50 degrees here, birds are singing, stuff is starting to grow. Could it be spring?

shawnkielty said...


Chris said...


Eclectchick said...

That sounds eerily familiar.

We just got back from 4+ days in N. WI and had the same experience - including the packing and eating for 3 - PLUS drinking for 3.

We did ski one day, and were so comfy we wished we had tried the other days. Oh well.