Friday, January 06, 2006

The Master Returns at Last

Master, I've been wandering and wondering for so long. IS the Bike Shui for all?

Of course Bike Shui can be shared. It's best shared with someone that also shares your vision.

Ahh, we all share a vision. This is reassuring! Master, there are rumors of those who don't share the Shui.

It's the difference between "looking" and "seeing". One "looks" at a bike. Another "sees" something entirely different. A work of art, perhaps? Custom paint, hand made lugs, butter-like welds, white carbon!

...looking and seeing.....

Bike Shui brings harmony and balance to the creator and the space he or she uses -- the garage -- but not to everyone who walks in.

Not to everyone? How ever can that be?

You can have perfect Bike Shui but it may not be readily "seen" by the untrained eye.

Master?! So it is true! It can be this way for some?

People who may have difficulty seeing Bike Shui say things like...
"You bought a new bike? I thought you already had a bike."
"$3000 for a bike? Are you nuts? Your car isn't worth that much!"
" If I paid that much for a bike, it better have a motor on it."
"Why would you hang two bikes in the laundry room?"
"If you sold some of your bikes they wouldn't take up so much room."
"You're going on a bike ride? Didn't you do that yesterday?"
"You're going to drive all that way just to ride your bike?"

These questions are VOICED, Master? Truly, not! The uninitiated cannot truly be this wayward in their thinking!

Some may "see" Bike Shui right away, they share your vision. Others may have to be taught.

Oh my! This seems an undertaking even larger than we are....

The creation of the Shui is often much easier than the teaching of others to "see"!

This must require much difficult work and dedication. Master, what of the unitiated Other? How must we help them to "see"? How did you initiate your Other?

I got very lucky and married someone who kept her Merlin in the bedroom. Not a frame, but a built bike she was riding. Now that we live together, we share equally in the enjoyment of the Bike Shui and I'm happy it's not me down in the laundry room on the hand rubbed oak racks!

Do not stray from your vision, it will bring you happiness. The creation may take a weekend, the teaching of others to share in your enjoyment may be a lifelong endeavor!

...a lifelong endeavor? I’m unsure of my readiness! The Bike Shui requires much commitment and energy. How ever does one persevere?

Riding will cure all ills.

Ahhh, the ride cures!

...again,TOB can't take credit for this -- italicized portion is part of an email sent by an honorable biking buddy!

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Pete said...

*Riding will cure all ills.*


George Breed said...

Bike Shui is a beautiful cousin of Zing Tao!

George said...

Sweet post :-)

Ptelea said...

Ahh, I think I am beginning to SEE.

Thank you!

gwadzilla said...

just working on my bike shui in the basement
painted a walll
removed some none escential bikes, frames, and wheels
oh yea
the tires and tubes and the skateboard I can not even stand on are all out of the basement
more work to come