Friday, August 18, 2006

Vintage Red

'76 was a Fine Year

It's AMAZING how much space can be found in the garage after a person has de-cluttered he did ask: what about the bicycles? and I realized he was right -- there's room for more! I picked up this Raleigh Grand Prix from a local guy who rescues old bicycles that are in decent working order. It appears to be from 1976, as far as I can tell.

I'm thinking it'll get fenders and wider tires, and I might swap-out the wheels for some others I have...or not. I think the drop bars have to go back on (the previous owner had removed them in the hopes his dad would ride it -- he sent them along with me). With the exception of some brake adjustments the components seem to be in good shape, but I do have 8-speed parts hanging around.

Leave everything as-is? Frankenbike it?

Perhaps a decision will come after I give it a few rides and see how well 10 speeds work for pushing 29 (!) pounds around the city I'm such a weenie and see how well those components actually work after all these years. The frame is in decent, but not pristine, shape.


- OB we're all a little rusty after a few years


Alberto said...

No thoughts, really. Just your basic tonnage of jealousy!!! What a nice find. I miss America. I do.

Pete said...

Leave it as is, if all the parts are working. It looks sweet!

Matt said...

Nice looking bike...funny looking crank. Is that a steel crank? The arms sure look skinny. I'd probably Frankenbike it if there is some unaddressed genre of bike missing from your garage--I'd say this wasn't a precious Bike Boom bike worthy of fastidious restoration.

Chico Cyclist said...

I love that bike!!!

senioritis said...

Whatever you do, it will remain a fab bike. Congrats.

George said...

I have the same exact bike. I saved all the old parts, but I put different brakes, seat and handlebars on it.

Mine was a garage sale find, it still had the nubs on the tires-I don't think it was ridden more then 10 miles...........

the old bag said...

Thanks all for the input!

KM said...


That is in such nice shape, it would be a shame to Frankenbike it too much. And putting 8 speed on that will require spreading the rear triangle a lot!!



Chico Gino said...


Shawn Kielty said...

Rusty, baloney.

Really nice Jeanne. The bike I mean.

gwadzilla said...

I had the gran sport
my brother had the gran prix
maybe '79 or '80 in our house

Charles said...

Great find and a great bike.

I own one and I'm looking for parts to restore it. In my search today, I've found comments that suggest to me that this machine might be a classic in the making.

Mine is just about original, but some of the plastic parts failed--shifter handles for example. Other all components still work fine. Your find is all original. Hang on to it.

I recently had to use this bike on a daily basis riding miles everyday. No job and a broken car.

If anyone has any ideas about parts, please let me know. Or a 76 in any shape with original components.

Thanks. Great find. Keep it. I wish more machines worked as well as the Grand Prix. I remember riding it in North Carolina first, then NYC, DC, Florida, back to DC, and now we are in Texas. No I did not ride it to those places. I shipped it. I have no idea how many miles are on it, but it has to be in the thousands.

No regrets, I should have bought two.

Anonymous said...

27" Frame will provide the best leg extension for hill climbing/touring for a 6' tall person.