Saturday, February 18, 2006

We Do it for Those Who Can't

Pete, you're good. Laptop, easy chair. I only hope I can one day match your perserverance.

Tim, your dedication is awe-inspiring. Le Grand Noir? Man, you've done this before.

Supporting Jill and others out on the Alaskan tundra is serious business, and I almost cracked. I know I need to sleep for those who can't. I know it's my reponsibility to have a hearty home-cooked meal in support of those who are sucking down frozen PowerBars. I won't feel right if I can't hunker-down on the sofa just for those who are sitting on a frozen saddle.

My training methods have shown-up in a bit of inconsistency today -- I nearly cleaned the basement...and at the last fraction-of-a-second as my hand was going toward the running shoes my mental game snapped back at me: what are you doing? get your head in the game now, or you'll lose it all! Concentration has always been my downfall. I shook it off and grabbed the walking shoes and car keys instead as I headed out for an hour of grocery shopping. Thank goodness I took that two-hour nap underneath the down comforter. I had the energy needed to try all the samples pushed by the hawkers in the the aisles. Now, all I have left is to finish off my day by crawling underneath the electric blanket. It's late...I hope I'm not shirking my responsibility.

- The Old Bag still has alot to learn
  • Jill's through the second checkpoint!


Tim said...

It's OK to fishtail a little bit, TOB. You just have to regain control and get through the turn without hitting the wall.

You stayed on track, and as I write this, I'm sure you're headin' down the home stretch with a comfortable snooze while Jill's grinding toward the fourth check point at Flat Horn Lake. Roll over, pull that blanket up, and go right back to sleep.

Damn fine job. You're a team player!

the old bag said...

...I can only hope I'm worthy....