Saturday, February 18, 2006

So, Whad'ya Do

when it's just too cold outside?

5:38 AM: -17 degrees -24 windchill

MEW mmmmmmphfffggllluuhh MEOW mggrrrffff cats MEW I have cats? why-the-heck do I have cats?

6:17 AM: -16 degrees -22 windchill
I still have cats....

6:45 AM: -13 degrees -18 windchill
Bathroom damn the Fri. evening beer. Saturday. Open curtains. Start the gold, Texas T Jethro?? I can nap today!

7:05 AM: -12 degrees -18 windchill
Email. Check the outside thermometer. Check the inside thermometer. Turn-on the space heater. Read blogs. Knox thinks he’s over winter just you wait...a day? two days? Tim’s doing the marathon in support of Jill I’m all over that one. Tree’s thinkin’ his choice of cities is just right now just isn’t a good time for me to comment. Nathan rode yesterday...damn! Pete didn't...word. Write entry.

9:23 AM: -8 degrees -18 windchill
Check thermometer. Wander downstairs and put basement cleaning on today's task checklist since I won’t be going anywhere. Temperature in basement: 58 degrees...INSIDE the basement.

10:14 AM: -3 actual degrees -19 windchill
More coffee. Why is noone blogging on a Saturday morning? I need reading material here! Look at carpet. Mental checklist: vacuum, since I won’t be doing anything else today. Write blog entry.

11:13 AM: -0 degrees -19 windchill
Check temperature. Read paper.

11:52 AM: 4 degrees -13 windchill
Check blogs. Look out window. See thermometer. WAHOO -- above zero! still not going out.

1:10 PM: 5 degrees -15 windchill
Eat lunch. Check blogs find a couple new entries. See desk clutter and, since I'm not doing anything else today, it'll be the 3rd task for the day.

4:13 PM: 7 degrees -10 windchill
Shake-off two-hour nap -- HEATWAVE! Check blogs Ptelea was out taking pictures in this stuff?!

4:42 PM: 7 degrees -10 windchill
Back from a roundabout walk to the corner service station...the three blocks with the wind at my back in full sunshine was beautiful. The three blocks in the other direction cost me my face. Whole thing. Fell off. Crashed into pieces on the sidewalk but I got lottery tickets 'cuz it's gotta be me

6:57 PM: 7 degrees -14 windchill
Grocery store strolling is considered a workout.

7:16 PM: 6 degrees -6 windchill
For this evening: a couple NetFlix, the Olympics and lots of fleece as I contemplate what to do with my cool $367 mil Tomorrow's forecast: +18!

- OB


Ptelea said...

OMG, you're colder than us this morning. I did bundle up and go out and brace -10 degrees but only for a short time (40 minutes!)to take photos. I was prevented from blogging by a 30 minute power outage, which is a little unnerving at these temps.

GREAT blog today - I can totally relate - and love the way you put it! Thanks

the old bag said...

And Ptelea I like your shots of really does have a look to it.