Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Need My Commute!

I admit it
I'm a winter commuting weenie
I'll commute if it's above 30
even if it's above 25 and calm
but at 10 I fear the flat
the ice
the clouds that will turn on me in 4 hours
and dump piles of snow
or an inch of snow
or simply
the snow
a r o u n d
12 miles=great distance when the weather's decent
I head out of the city in the morning
and back in at the end of the day
bus routes don't follow my commute
where's the light rail for the southwest metro
I need a bail-out!
or a new ride with studs
...or to ride with a stud


- TOB's jonesin'


budda43 said...

I was about to mention how I'd ride with ya - but then you said you'd need a stud. . .

and I'm more of a cockatil weenie. :)

jenny said...

oh man, you are just itching to go out and bike. bummer. i'm itching for the sun to come out!

C. P. said...

-0 and beyond by the weekend. Get out your layers and be a Sub-Zero Hero!!

the old bag said...

Sub Zero Hero, my @ss, CP! :-]

Budda, I'd ride with a coctail weenie any day.

Jen -- got that right. Sun and the bicycle.

Nathan said...

That cloud is only turning on you if it doesn't dump a bunch of snow on you. C'mon, snow!

Gotta have an out, though, so you don't get stranded, that's for sure. Maybe just a taxi company's number programmed in your cell phone? I should do that...

the old bag said...

Nathan -- what a totally easy, simple idea!