Saturday, February 18, 2006

Does it Hurt Yet?

Thanks to Tim over at Bicycles and Icycles for starting the movement. I'm on board as well, sacrificing for the cause...givin' my all for those who are givin' it their all...keeping an eye on the progress.

Dear reader, can you find it within YOU?

- The giving Old Bag

P.S. Good on ya Jill! Thanks for taking us places we can't, don't or won't go!
  • Through the first checkpoint at 12:50 AKST (3:50 CST)


Pete said...

TOB's got good taste in beer. Stella always reminds me of when I was in europe. I normally got a tallboy can of Stella with lunch on the train when travelling.

Tim said...

I'm pulling my way back to the peloton after stoppin' fer a new wheel. Had to take care of my sick little girl all day so my evening got off to a slow start, but I'm back in the race and workin' to reel in you and Pete. Gotta get back up with the main group!