Saturday, February 11, 2006

Have WE got a Winter Race

Tour de Skyway

Only 20 degrees out? We're takin' it to the skyways of St. Paul! (if the vid is no longer the featured one on the page, hit the search tab and enter skyways -- you'll find two).

To find the full headcam of the race, hit the search tab and type in full headcam -- about 4 minutes worth, with the best section riding down the flight-o-linoleum-stairs! St. Paul Pioneer Press has articles from 1/15 and 2/9 and one more video.

- TOB's thinkin' Minnesota's alright


Ptelea said...

This IS really a fun idea! So when do you think you might be doing one??

Marie said...

Hey, I saw this story covered on our little hillbilly tv. Awesome race!