Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who You're Seen With Matters Less...

Than Being Seen

Two Joe Average cyclists with above-average light comparisons:
Bike Forums' New Blinkie Comparison thread -- Video clips comparing tail lights: Cateye LD1000, Cateye LD500, and Niterider tail lights from various vantage points: back, side, 3/4. Posts #1, #23 and #29 have clips and/or photos. #29 really makes the case for reflective tape on the bike WOW (and illustrates the fact that neon yellow jackets aren't neon in the dark).

MTBR Forums' LED Light Review thread -- side-by-side photos of the Dinotte 5-watt Luxeon, Vega 4-watt Luxeon, a DIY Luxeon headlight of 12 watts, older NightRider 12-watt halogen for comparison. Posts #1 and #18 have got photos of the beam pattern, along with charts and graphs if'n yer into all that tech-type info.
*Updated* Also, James Sharp of Lactic Acid Threshold is running some of his own LED headlight tests with results found in Gear Review (if you haven't seen his blog, there is a ton of product evaluation).

- The Bag's on a roll...or on a ride, whatever....

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gwadzilla said...

this reminds me
I have a NITERIDER light set that I have not used for some time
been meaning to send it back
will see what happens
they have a good warranty policy
(I say wishfully)