Sunday, January 29, 2006

Aesthetics? Athletics?

After a few 46-degree days my front lawn is turning green and whatever snow is falling from today’s gray skies is sparse -- disappears when it hits ground. It’s tough to get excited about throwing the skis in the car when the backyard is nearly in full bloom...nor do I feel like cleaning off a bicycle after riding through road running shoes need replacing or my hip does, whichever so that’s out.

However, it’s a perfect day for some spring cleaning. Over the past month my closets have gradually turned into havens for piles of shoes, clothes, towels and ski equipment. It’s what happens in the winter when we’ve got questionable snow: the sudden early Saturday AM wake-up, the flurry of phone calls and arranged pick-ups, then we’re off to the north/west/east in search of good skiing conditions. Returning home after supper means laundry and unpacking...things often get tossed into drawers and refrigerator before an evening of kicking-back: I’ll sort through things later.

So, this dreary day is later. It’s perfect for washing rugs and sorting-out Goodwill items, scrubbing the fridge and sweeping the basement and sorting sweaters. Since company is coming in a few days, I look at my house through someone else’s eyes:
  • is that a...Christmas tree? STILL? What month is it?
  • doorknobs -- on the Closet doors -- how long have those been gone? er, 18 months?
  • ...dried-up OJ on the fridge shelves...I wish people, er, person would learn to clean-up
  • salsa and hummus...more hummus, hummus, salsa...hey, I’ve got yogurt -- CARROTS!
Carpet is camouflage. I didn’t know that until I moved into a house with wood. Dust bunnies show up everywhere on wooden floors. Would I rather see crud and know enough to take care of it? or would I rather have it be there unseen and me be happily ignorant? I guess it depends upon whether we're talking aesthetics or athletics. Athletics? gimme carpet and an unfinished basement for repairing my toys. Aesthetics? wooden floors with an area rug can’t be beat in an older home.

Answer: a day off during the week for cleaning and errands since weekends are for play.

I wish. :-]

- The Bag


Brandon said...

Hey Bag,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your seemingly random encouragement goes a VERY long way to a completely bicycle obsessed cyclist that is and has been off the bike WAY TOO LONG... and it heals ever so slowly....


Ptelea said...

Great Post - I can so relate to these things. I too have made enjoying life a priority. So some things just never get done - are they really all that important??

the old bag said...

Brandon -- keep your head up...we've some experience in the bone graft dept.

the old bag said...

Ptelea -- not so important...but the little things can be #@!$!! frustrating!