Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ahhh Grasshopper

I see you practice Baiku.

Yes, Master.

But what of Bike Shui?

Bike Shui?

The ancient practice of placement and arranging your bikes on a garage wall to reflect balance and harmony in your house. Bikes must be placed just so -- according to what was, what is and maybe a place for what could be.

For what could be? We must predict the future!

Revered bikes are put in a place of great honor i.e. the laundry room where it's warm and you can look at them more often.

The laundry is a place of high honor.

A frame may even be placed in the living room until built.

An ever greater distinction!

How is your Bike Shui?

I have much to learn, Master.

...TOB can't take credit for this -- italicized portion is an email sent by an honorable biking buddy!

- The Old Bag


KM said...


You need a very nice rack upon which to hang that bike in laundry room. I suggest you check out these:


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"you need a very nice rack"


probably not the best choice in words...

George said...

That's an awesome post:-)

I have 7 bikes and I arrange them in the garage so I see my favorite one the most.

Lunatic Biker said...

I had my red Crosscheck frame on a recliner in my "sitting" room for three weeks before building it up. That's only because I wasn't allowed to sleep with it.

Anonymous said...

Bike Shui & Baiku:

My brand new bike frame
Leans against the piano
I should assemble

Sinuous green steel
Against black polished wood
I should buy some parts

Come here wife feel this
A Phil Wood bottom bracket
Isn't it gorgeous?

She pretends to care
Is not very convincing
When she rolls her eyes

Later, the bike built
I ride and laugh with delight
Like I'm ten again

Wife may not get it
But I have loved bikes longer
than I have known her

the old bag said...

KM -- saw the bike racks. Beautiful! If I decide to hang my art (old track bike) inside I'll definitely get one from you.

OV -- :-]

George -- thanks! The Bike Shui was in an email I got from a friend who had me rolling...it begged to be shared.

Lunatic -- I'm jealous of your red Crosscheck...can't get those anymore.

Anon --

not all understand
intricate complexities
of being eleven

(sorry -- ten just didn't have the right number of syllables! ...poetic license?)

Thanks for stopping by!

Ptelea said...

I love this post - and had to laugh because there is an obvious difference if you are not a 'bike lover' All of you are and I am not. I took a photo of how my bikes (x number of bikes and bike parts for 3 people) are arranged and believe me - it is NOT ART.

the old bag said...

Anon -- just realized eleven isn't right either!

Ptelea -- uh-oh, your Bike Shui must be in a terrible state then. Glad you still stop by!

senioritis said...

Oh, dear. This makes me realize for certain that I am pond scum on the bottom of the pond. I have three badly neglected bikes, none of which is even hanging. They're just lined up in the garage, competing with a pickup truck for space. It ain't a pretty sight.

the old bag said...

Senioritis -- it doesn't look like Bike Shui requires the hanging of bicycles...perhaps some careful floor arrangement in harmony with the truck would strengthen your shui?