Tuesday, January 17, 2006

At This Price, Who Needs Five Hours Runtime?

I Really Like the Cateye, but...

So, how tied are you to the water bottle shaped battery container?
Tied? Not particularly. Why?
Well, using this premade sealed one would cost you about half as much. I can snip the cord right off the top of the old battery, connect it and it's done. About $30-35 total compared to $60-70 to redo the old one. It's just a matter of where you'd put it on the bike. It's got a bit more amperage so you'll get about 5% more runtime.
Wow, half? more? Serious? Looks like it should fit in a bottle cage, but if it doesn't I can always rig-up something.
It's the labor -- not having to cut the old one open, scoop out the foam insulation, solder the cells and then reseal it...wouldn't look as good when it's done because of the hot glue reseal. This Werker is a bit heavier, though.
It is a bit heavier, but heck it's for commuting -- I don't really need lightweight. It's not like I'm mountain biking with it.
Yeah, new ones are tons lighter. I use a helmet light myself.
Yeah, that's on my list. So, the old charger will work?

...10 minutes later....

Materials: $16.99
Labor: $9.99 (I might need to change jobs)
Tax: $1.10
Batteries Plus Grand Total to Keep Me on the Road in the Dark Mornings: $28.08

- The Old Bag loves a deal


Tim said...

OK, that picture's gettin' me all worked up. I have the exact same light but I'm sick of dealing with the old Nightstick batteries and their lousy burn time. I moved that light to the back of the workbench last year and switched to a dimmer but lower-maintenance LED model that runs on AA batteries. I think I'll head down to the electronics store this weekend and see if I can rig up something similar to yours. Nice job.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

tob = too damn tough

i'd have wimped out and called for the follow vehicle.

... or, just grabbed on to some other one for the ride home.

Ptelea said...

I love a good solution. Great Job TOB!

George said...


Looks like you did the same thing I did when my old battery crapped out.

How's it feel to have all that extra cash back in your pocket?:-)