Monday, January 30, 2006

15 Seconds of Fame

Er, 1.5 Seconds??

OK, I didn't make the article, but my quote made it on B3 of the Local section in the Minneapolis Trib. Click on the Why Cyclists Ride link underneath the photo. Of course, you'll need to register for that part so here it is:

Here's what veteran bike commuters say about heading out into the cold:

Lee Penn, 36, Minneapolis, professor of chemistry at the University of Minnesota

"My biggest motivation is environmental. Avoiding the use of petroleum-powered vehicles is a priority for me. Being a one-car family is something that we are very proud of!"

Christopher Budel, 47, St. Paul, bookstore owner

"In spite of the cold (I do prefer 90 degrees and high humidity, really!) I enjoy my 17.3-mile daily round-trip commute. Sometimes it's hard to get on the bike, but I'm always glad I did. ... Everyone I talk with thinks I'm so tough, but anyone could do this, and they'd feel great about their lives and themselves."

Jeanne Ulmer, 44, St. Louis Park, elementary school teacher

"By the time I'm at work, little riles me; and if something does get to me during the day, it's off my shoulders by the time I reach home at the end of the day."

Barbara Quade-Harick, 40, Minneapolis, high school English teacher

"Driving is boring. Riding in the spring I hear birds, see eagles fly over the Lake Street Bridge and wave to the peace demonstrators on the bridge. In the winter I like the new snow on the roads. ... I also like the slower pace rather than rushing in my car."

- The Old Bag's signing autographs


Pete said...

Boo! that you didn't make the article. Yay! that you made the comments! (now I gotta go update my post)

George said...

I have to find the paper, but a few years ago, I was on the front page of our local paper with my mountain bike.

budda43 said...

Ahhh - I knew you before you were famous!

the old bag said...

And you still know me before I'm famous!