Wednesday, December 28, 2005


if only it were as simple as going to the bike store
Christmas would be easy
we would go for a ride and see the lights
and I would pick out something for your frivolity
or for your work
or for getting you to your frivolity or to your work
it would be useful
you’d love it
the basket
or bag
the tights
blinkie light
the handlebar streamers
or titanium-spindled clipless road pedals if you really wanted them
because Christmas would be easy
but instead it’s busy-ness
and mall-ratted
and people-filled
and road-hogging
and concert-going
and museum-looking (but that was fun out with the girls
we let down our hair
except I don’t have enough hair to let down
out in the midst of the busy-ness
there was connection)

when I long for connection and calm and quiet
and evenings filled with the contemplation of the wonder
of the falling snow
the way another came
falling into our lives
and into our wonder
a bicycle ride to remember the wonders and to connect
to the people who matter and wonder too
we’d ride and we’d laugh and we’d be quiet together
seeing what’s in our headlights and imagining what’s not
hearing our thoughts
tires crunching the snow
and our breathing
our living
the world would pass by and we would roll by with it
and we’d be in it
we wouldn’t miss anything
and we might even skip the bike store just this time
if only it were that easy....

- tob


Ptelea said...

I love the imagery this creates in my mind. I really enjoy your writing! My son took a similar photo in Ventimiglia, Italy today (yesterday?)

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hell yeah.

Trée said...

Great image and even better prose. TOB, you have a gift for writing. Zing Tao Baby! :-)

Jill said...

I agree - fantastic. I was riding right along with you.

the old bag said...

And Ptelea, I wish I had your gift for telling stories with photography the way you do!

oV -- damned straight.

Thanks Trée -- your science fiction is outta this world.

Maybe Quantum Physics, Jill, maybe we were all there.