Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Cyclist’s House

unhurried repairs
measuring and mindfulness

thoughtfulness requires
precise, cautious attention
and perseverance

without careful plans
could produce interference
with tomorrow’s ride


- The Bag ...been living with only a basement bath for 18 months now....


Ptelea said...

I could tell you stories of some of my home improvement projects that have gone on for obscene lengths of time - just be thankful for multiple bathrooms!

Jen! said...

ooooooh clever haikus.

the old bag said...

Ptelea -- I think the bad part is having multiple bathrooms...if I'd only had one, it would have been finished a long time ago! Glad to hear there are others like me -- thanks!

Jen -- thanks!

George said...

Our first house had the only shower in the laundry room in the basement. Not sure why it was located in the basement, but we never changed it-we only lived there for a couple years.........

Going for a ride today?

Me too if it isn't raining later:-)

the old bag said...

Hey George! I'll be hitting the XC ski trails while the snow holds-out...supposed to rain here as well.

Trée said...

I think our hearts beat as one. I've got one shower in my house that's been sitting three years waiting for major repairs. But I've never let such trival things get in the way of time in the saddle. Priorities are important are they not. :-D

Happy New Year TOB!

the old bag said...

Thanks, Trée -- always good to hear from a like soul!