Monday, December 26, 2005

Lament of the 43-Degree Day

Damn, Now I Have no Excuse to NOT Paint the Kitchen

it’s supposed to be white
it’s supposed to be cold
we’re supposed to be calf-deep in snow
while we’re supposed to be hauling the thermos into the chalet
where we’re supposed to prepare
because we’re supposed to go screaming down hills
on cross-country skis we’re supposed to be wearing
on snow that’s supposed to be here
but left

- The Sad Old Bag


Tim said...

If you remember all the complaints posted from Alaska a couple of weeks ago, you know we feel your pain. I hope normal conditions return soon. Spring is so sloppy, it should come only once per year ... and not in December.

budda43 said...

Ahhh - I like the slop :)

I just wish my glasses had windshield wipers.

BTW, Thanks for the comment - its nice to hear an encouraging story.

the old bag said...

Tim -- it's been this way for so many years now (four? five?) that I don't know what normal conditions are!

Budda43 -- What are you doing on the computer? Get out there and ride that new Rincon!