Sunday, December 04, 2005

After the Reindeer Run

Five Miles is the Farthest I've EVER Run

So this is the farthest I've ever gone,
says I.

Good for you, says he.

I've always been best at short distances, says I.

What about cycling? says he.

Well, crits and pursuits at the track when I was racing, says I.

But now? says he.

Oh, I can be out all day at a decent clip, says I.

Hey, ya know that injury,
says he.

Yah, says I.

Well, the doctor told me I could run 10 miles by the time the snow flies, says he.

But ya did that by the end of August, says I.

I was a bit ahead of schedule, says he.

That’s just like you, says I.

So, I ran 16 miles the other day just to see, says he.

And? says I.

Felt good, says he.

I don’t want to ever run 16 miles, says I.

Ya just have to decide you want to do it, says he.

I don’t plan to ever want to, says I.

You could do it, says he.

I run for 30 minutes and call it good, says I.

Ya just have to go slower to go farther, says he.


...I'll have to think about that one, says I.

- The Old Bag's Thinkin'


Lunatic Biker said...

I was there Saturday morning with my bike and my camera. great atmosphere.

Jen said...

oooh did you just do an organized run or something? i'm thinking of doing one in the spring....maybe? who knows.

I hung out with adam was fun :-)

George said...

If anyone *ever* sees me out running, call the police because someone is chasing me.

nOTSO said...

George-maybe it is the polic chasing you.

TOB-Stop thinking, that's the sort of thing that will get you into trouble.

Actually, I've thought of taking it back up again. I'd like to try some adventure racing, and it seems like running is almost a must in the shorter ones. Seems like that sort of thing might be up your alley also.

Home improvement is limited to the small projects right now, due to budget restrainsts. The kitchen is still on, just not until some time later next year.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


ain't that why god invented the bicycle?

the old bag said...

Lunatic -- great fun, great costumes, warm until I stopped moving!

Jen -- an organized 5k, but we ran over from a friend's house. I was going to run back for a total of 7 miles (!) but there was a car nearby and I jumped in!

notso -- got that right. The seed's been planted, but I can usually kill and idea of distance running. Any links for adventure racing? Haven't heard of it. My kitchen is in need also, but I'm surprised at how much I can ignore!

george -- it's not horrible....

OV -- and on the seventh day....