Friday, December 23, 2005

Decompression Day

Finally. Vacation is here. I survived the solstice and 25 fourth graders hanging from the rafters
I'm off to spend the day with the, Dayton's 8th Floor display, lunch...all while temps are slated to hit 40.... After an hour or two of morning coffee and routine I'll be ready to face the day, but I'm just not sure I'll be able to hold it together while our precious white stuff turns to slush. I've not at all mentioned to anyone that this might finally be the year after four years of lousy snow for cross-country skiing -- didn't say the words, didn't write them either.

I guess thinking them is jinx enough....

- TOB might need something stronger in that coffee


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

25 fourth graders in one room, days before an aMErican orgy of x-boxmas?

sounds like an especially effective birth control regimen.

senioritis said...

If it's any comfort, the snow isn't worth a hang in upstate NY, either. We have a 6" pack, but there's ice in it. I've been snowshoeing instead. And now, starting this afternoon, we're due for 3 days' rain mixed with snow. . . . .

budda43 said...

something stronger than coffee?

My friend, its never too early for a bloody mary.

the old bag said...

oV -- and believe it or not, I actually chose to go back to the classroom after six years away!

senioritis -- it's depressing. I've taken to running again.... :-[

budda42 -- I may have to try one of those again, but I've never been much for tomatoe juice. Maybe some Bailey's in my coffee?